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This program enables the user to manage the list of startup items
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Managing startup items intelligently is an effective way to reduce the time your computer takes to boot. Quick Startup can let you do that very easily. This application has such an intuitive interface that you hardly need any help to use it.

For initial reference, the program provides information about the number of programs that are currently set to start along with the operating system as well as the amount of time taken during the most recent boot. There are five different tabs in which entries are divided into categories as startup programs, scheduled tasks, plugins, application services and Windows services. By choosing an entry, you can get information, such as the name and developer. Moreover, you can access statistical data related to the number of users who recommend disabling the selected application or service.

A simple switch in each entry lets you decide whether it starts along with the system or not. However, you should notice that on and off are not the only options, as it is also possible to delay its start in a given number of seconds. Likewise, entries can be erased altogether or new ones can be added to the list. Unfortunately, these other options are not so evident to the user.

Although most system optimizers include utilities or features that let you manage startup items, I am glad to say that Quick Startup is not just another program on the list. This application finds more categories and provides more information about startup entries than other tools I have tested before.

Pedro Castro
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  • Lists more entries than most similar applications
  • Provides information as to convenience of disabling given entries
  • Delays specific entries


  • Delaying and erasing entries are not so evident to the users
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