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Quick StartUp 2.7

Get rid of all those programs that load at start-up and boost you system
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Quick Startup is a free Windows program designed to speed up a computer’s startup by managing the actions of the programs or processes that are launched simultaneously with Windows. It has simple controls and provides immediate results.

At the beginning of each session some applications, drivers, and services are automatically executed. The advantage that Quick Startup gives its users is that by controlling startup programs it lets Windows boot faster, maintaining the system’s registry clean.

The main window lists every program that starts running with the session and gives the user options to: add, remove, edit, block, enable, or delay their start with a simple click (changes aren’t noticed until restart). In addition, it has a helpful utility that allows customizing and managing all scheduled tasks like updates and scans.

StartUp Manager displays detailed information of each program in the Details box; this way it is easy to verify whether it is safe or not to have the program executed at startup. As a new addition users can find more information on Internet, just by right clicking the mouse and selecting 'Search Google' in the context menu.

Max Santillana
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  • Fast Windows bootup.
  • Maintain system registry clean.
  • Manage updates.
  • Detailed info to determine what to block/remove.
  • Windows 7 compatible


  • Help is brief and not useful
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